TV-Protector™ is a crystal clear shield that attaches to a flat-screen TV to protect the fragile screen from damage, scratches, fingerprints, thrown remote controls or toys
At the same time TV-Protector™ maintains the sharp and vivid picture quality of any HDTV.

Designed to stay unnoticeable keeps the gorgeous look of your TV.

Since the spring of 2006 we have developed 4 generations of TV screen protectors and currently offer products that excel with:

  • Stylish Design: maintain the gorgeous look of a contemporary flat screen TV.
  • Highest Quality.
  • Functionality: easy installation and cleaning.
  • Enhanced screen ventilation.


Ultimate TV Screen Protector: Crystal Clear, made from Optical Grade Plastic (acrylic) with 100% Optical Clarity, UV Protection: Reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen, Maintains best picture quality, stays unnoticeable, Ideal for protection from children.

Anti-Glare TV Screen protector: Reduces reflections and glare, UV Protection: Reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen, 98% Transparent: unmatched clarity, Maintains best picture quality. Our Non-Glare range has a blend of anti-glare and optical clarity. Please note that the image will appear slightly 'fuzzy' when viewed up close and the viewing angle will be reduced.


Thank you for creating this awesome product. My 2 year old has broke 2 - 50" TVs in the last year! Wish I found you after the first one broke. Thank you so, so much!!! ...Charlie M.
Manchester, UK

I wasn’t sure what TV protector to buy since these things aren’t cheap. I liked the look of your product. Thanks a lot, my TV looks really nice with it. ...Emily B.
Leeds, UK

The best acquisition for the TV that someone can possess! My wife was fascinated...Ryan R.
Portsmouth, UK

My daughter likes to draw around the house. This is a great solution to keep our new 40” LG safe...Emma W.
Salford, UK

I thought the protector would degrade the picture quality. I noticed no difference, and now I can let my children play around the leaving room...Keira H.
Glasgow, UK

I am proud with such a remarkable product! The design is so beautiful. Perfectly fits on my 42'' LCD TV. Thank you!...Aslisha N.
Chester, UK

This is just an amazing product! We decided to invest money in protection of our TV Screen but we weren't sure what exactly to be. Now that we've got our screen protection on and will never worry about our TV anymore. Definately recommend it! ...Robert H.
Bradford, UK